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Kitchen Design

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Raised Garden

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About me

Hello there! I’m Anna, a wife, mom, and a proud homeschooling parent from Texas. Our family is on an exciting journey, building our dream homestead complete with a cozy cottage. Currently, we’re in the midst of renovating our home, and I find immense joy in decorating it to suit the changing seasons. DIY projects, gardening, crafting, and cooking are passions that keep me inspired and busy.


One aspect that’s very important to us is our focus on holistic remedies, embracing nature’s healing powers whenever possible. This approach has been especially significant to me as a breast cancer survivor, and it’s shaped my outlook on life and health.


Through my website, I hope to share my experiences, insights, and creative endeavors with all of you. Join me on this adventure as I document our homesteading progress, offer seasonal decorating tips, share DIY projects, garden updates, craft ideas, and mouthwatering recipes. Let’s connect, learn, and grow together in this beautiful journey called life!

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